Thursday, August 3, 2017

Curriculum Roadmap...was it all a dream?

I really could have sworn that somewhere on Twitter I saw a teacher post about how they made a bulletin board in their classroom that displayed their whole scope and sequence for math. That way, students could see how everything was connected instead of being isolated units, and the teacher could point back and say, "Remember when..." or look ahead and say, "We'll really need this when..."  It sounded awesome. I loved it. I could've sworn I "liked" it, or at the very least retweeted it.

Now it's nowhere to be found! Was it something I dreamt about?

After reaching out to some #MTBoSers who I know pay close attention to the happenings on Twitter without success, I decided to start my own. I started with Grade 4 because I promised them something like this during our end of the year data meeting.

So here's what my first incarnation of this roadmap looked like:

At least I got every unit on there and it goes in logical order. Then I started thinking about how I could show the connections from unit to unit, for example, they learn factors and multiples in Unit 1 and then use those skills and ideas in later units. So I went back in and added new lines, in different colors and formats. This was my 2nd draft.

Not sure how I feel about the blue dotted lines, might have to change that up a bit. Also feel like I could make more connections but don't want it to look too overwhelming. 

Going to sit on it for a few days and mull it over before adjusting it. Look for the third draft to come soon!

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