Monday, August 8, 2016

Goal Setting and Blog Writing

I'm new here.

I've been the timid teacher observing from the fringe, intimidated by the depth of knowledge of my colleagues who actively participate in the #MTBoS on Twitter.  If you're reading this and thinking, "Okay, so MTBoS means Men Topless in Boston?", then first, we need to be friends, and second, you're not alone in your query!  It was all new to me when I started following math teachers on Twitter and kept seeing that hashtag.  The #MTBoS is an online community of Math Teachers of the Blogosphere who actively tweet and blog their ideas, thoughts, conundrums and best practices.  It's the world's best free professional development.  (Read: JOIN!)

I wanted in.

Last year, I took a major leap of faith.  I left a teaching job that I loved, with colleagues and administration that I admired, and an urban district that I thrived in.  I accepted a position as a K-5 Instructional Math Coach in a nearby, suburban community.  The overwhelming pride and excitement was met with paralyzing fear and self-doubt.  I immediately purchased every book on instructional coaching, read every blog I could find, and went on a following spree on Twitter.  I've followed many an #educhat, but never participated for fear of coming across as too much of an outsider.  And also, they always start so late that I'm usually in bed by the time question 2 hits the twitterverse.  (Is this something we can work on #MTBoS?)

This is a new year.  This is my 2nd year as an instructional coach.  This is the year I've decided to push myself and start a blog.  

This is the year that I'm all in.
Diving right in!

I'm joining Tina Cardone in her mission to blog a "Day in the Life" blog on the same day of every month for the upcoming school year.  I see this as a great opportunity to dive right into the MTBoS to become more of an active participant than a casual bystander.  I also see this as an opportunity to reflect more on my role as an instructional coach and grow professionally.

So my goals for this blog and this year are:

  1. Blog every 12th day of every month.
  2. Don't freak out and fret over every word I type and just let it flow naturally.
  3. Be proud to share my blog with the #MTBoS and my staff.
  4. Participate in at least 1 Twitter chat a month.
  5. Network, network, network!  Make math-minded friends all over the country.
  6. Build deeper professional relationships with my colleagues.
  7. Hang out with Men Topless in Boston.
  8. Improve every day!
Julian qualifies as a Man Topless in Boston, as well as offers a great piece of advice.  

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